Red Sauces

Gustibus Alimentari’s production of red sauces begins with the selection of the finest tomatoes. We use traditional Italian recipes, enriched with high-quality ingredients such as olive oil, fresh basil, and aromatic spices. Every step of the production process is rigorously controlled to ensure a rich and flavorful sauce. Our red sauces are perfect for enhancing your culinary creations, offering a genuine and unmistakable taste.


Italian tomato

The Italian tomato is the heart of our production, known for its rich flavor and unmatched quality. Grown in fertile soil and kissed by the Mediterranean sun, it represents the excellence of Italian agricultural tradition. Its freshness and authenticity are essential for creating sauces and condiments with a unique and unmistakable taste. Using Italian tomatoes allows us to offer products that embody the true flavor of Italian cuisine.


Cherry tomato

The cherry tomato is a precious gem of Italian agricultural tradition, known for its sweet and intense flavor. Small in size and vibrant in color, it is carefully cultivated in sunny soils that enhance its organoleptic qualities. Perfect for enriching, the cherry tomato adds a touch of freshness and quality to every recipe. Its juicy pulp and unmistakable taste make it a versatile ingredient loved by all. We use the finest cherry tomatoes to ensure excellent products that respect culinary tradition and innovation.


Datterino tomato

The datterino tomato is renowned for its natural sweetness and its elongated, date-like shape. Carefully cultivated in fertile soils, it is appreciated for its dense pulp and intense flavor. Perfect for fresh sauces, the datterino adds a touch of quality and freshness to any dish. Its juicy texture and unmistakable taste make it a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. We use the finest datterino tomatoes to ensure products that respect tradition and offer a superior culinary experience.

Tomato Passata

Tomato passata is a fundamental element of Italian cuisine, loved for its simplicity and versatility. Made from fresh, ripe tomatoes, it is carefully processed to maintain the authentic flavor of the tomato. Ideal for preparing sauces, soups, and stews, tomato passata adds a richness of taste and a velvety texture to every dish. Gustibus Alimentari uses only the finest tomatoes to ensure a passata that respects Italian culinary traditions. Perfect for those seeking authenticity and quality, our tomato passata is the ideal base for numerous recipes.

Tomato sauces

Tomato sauces represent the soul of Italian cuisine, offering an explosion of flavor in every bite. Prepared with fresh tomatoes and carefully selected ingredients, our sauces pay homage to Italian culinary tradition. Perfect for dressing pasta, pizza, and other dishes, our tomato sauces transform every meal into an unforgettable culinary experience. Discover the goodness of our sauces, which bring the sun and flavor of Italy directly to your table.

Ready-made tomato sauces

Ready-made tomato sauces are a convenient and delicious addition to any kitchen, offering the authentic taste of Italian cuisine with ease. Whether it’s a classic marinara or a spicy arrabbiata, each sauce is carefully crafted to deliver rich flavor and satisfying texture. Perfect for busy weeknights or leisurely dinners, our ready-made tomato sauces provide a quick and flavorful solution for any meal. Elevate your dishes with the convenience and quality of our tomato sauces, bringing the taste of Italy to your table in minutes.

Canned ragù

Canned ragù represents a practical and quick option to enjoy the enveloping taste and Italian tradition in every meal. Prepared with high-quality ingredients and following traditional recipes, our canned ragù offers an authentic and convenient culinary experience. Their versatility makes them perfect for dressing pasta, polenta, and other dishes, providing an explosion of flavor in every bite. Whether you’re cooking for family or friends, canned ragù is always ready to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Take advantage of the convenience and quality of our canned ragù to create delicious and unforgettable dishes.

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