Production plant


Products with a sicilian taste

The production area is concentrated exclusively at the C.da Milocca site in the Dittaino Industrial Zone in Assoro (EN), a brand new plant with state-of-the-art machinery that ensures high quality standards at all times.


Technology and avant-garde in Sicily

Our state-of-the-art machinery is the beating heart of our production, ensuring efficiency and precision at every stage. We use innovative technologies to optimize processes and maintain high quality standards.


We create products of absolute quality

The convenient glass packaging keeps the flavors and nutritional characteristics intact, allowing consumers to enjoy the typical products of Mediterranean cuisine as if they were freshly harvested.


Safety and quality

Gustibus processes and packages products with continuous effort in accordance with the main food safety and quality standards; thus, it has obtained IFS, BRC, ISO 22005:2008, UTZ, RSPO, Sedex/Smeta, GLOBAL G.A.P., AEO, Social footprint, Friend of the Earth and SA 8000 certifications, in addition to following a strict HACCP plan.


The taste of thinking about tomorrow

We are constantly working to optimize the efficiency of our production processes in order to reduce the impact of our CO2 emissions and encourage the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices throughout our supply chains.

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